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Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs was established to support the growing Adaptive Clothing niche within the Global Fashion/Garment Industry.  Many People with disabilities  experience difficulties with clothing every day.

  • Garments are difficult to put on and take off
  • Clothes do not fit properly and are often, too big and look baggy and sloppy
  • The waistband of pants cut into your stomach, is uncomfortable and often impacts on how well you digest your food
  • Winter coats just do not fit right, particularly for people who use wheelchairs full time
  • Zippers on Winter jackets are too hard to do up, for arm amputees and other who only have the use of one hand
  • Care Aides develop back, shoulder and arm injury over time, causing them to reduce their work due to these work place injuries

People with a wide range of disabilities have difficulty with clothing.  Some of these are

  • Amputees (due to accidents, diabetes, cancer or limb deficiency at birth)
  • People with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
  • Stroke survivors who are left with some degree of paralysis
  • Cancer survivors who are now amputees
  • Individuals who are highly sensitive to the Sun, due to Chemo Therapy for Cancer ; Lupus ; side affect of many medications ; etc.
  • Individuals who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) , Lou Gehrig’s Disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) , Fibromyalgia , Cerberal Palsy (CP) , Spina Bifida , and many others, who eventually need to use a wheelchair
  • Leprosy survivors and burn survivors and others who do not have full use of their hands
  • How does someone who is Blind or Visually Impaired or Colour Blind, know what colours their clothes are as they get dresses
  • Many other disabling conditions

 At Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs we encourage:

Professionally designed garments, thoughtfully created by Professional and Amateur Designers who take into consideration the specific needs of the Individual wearing the garment

Quality workmanship and materials in both the Design and construction of all garments

Stylish Appearance, appropriate for the event the outfit is chosen for.  Athletics, Social Events, school, the Professional work place or casual time at home or on vacation.  Looking good is the first step, becoming Fashion Leaders is our goal.

Clothing that functions with the wearer, not against them.  Clothing that fits the body properly and enhances the wearer’s abilities.

Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs provides a meeting place

for everyone involved in this growing niche within the

Global Fashion/Garment Industry.


Some of our activities include:

  • Connecting Designers with Models who have disabilities, so their creations can be worn on the Runways of London, Rome, New York, Toronto and Rio
  • Connecting Individuals with disabilities to established and start-up clothing companies who cater to YOUR needs
  • Educational Seminars, to introduce new fabrics, buttons, threads and finishings, to  Designers and Manufacturers of Adaptive clothing
  • Educational Seminars to introduce the benefits of Adaptive Clothes to Health Care and Human Resource personnel, to show them how Quality adaptive clothing can enhance many aspects of the lives of People with disabilities
  • Researching, interacting with and promoting medical and health related research into the effects of improperly fitting clothing (Skin break-down, lack of appetite, functional buttons and closures, shoulder rotation issues and back, shoulder and arm injury experienced by many care assistants, and much more)
  • Representing the Adaptive Clothing Industry at outside Conferences

Promoting the overall concept of adaptive clothing, Models with disabilities and Designers of adaptive clothing, within the Fashion/Garment Industry, and Society as a whole, will be a major activity Fashion Moves will continue to be active with.  Some examples of the Leadership roll we have already taken include:

  • By invitation, Attending and presenting at the Amputee Coalition of America, 3 years in a row, and additional Prosthetic Organizations
  • By invitation, presenting to the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Client information day
  • Primary Lunch speaker at the International Pacific Rim Disability Conference, 2008
  • Attending and creating liaisons with the Industrial Fabric Association International Conference 2 years in a row
  • By invitation, compiled and co-edited a Special Issue of the Design for All Institute of India, February 2011  ( )
  • International Judge at the Moda Inclusiva Design Competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 2011
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada Annual Conference, 2012
  • Various Radio and print interviews

Join us with Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs.  Let us know your thoughts and follow our on this journey.


Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs will Host two Conferences over the next year.  One Conference will focus on Health Care and Care Assistance.  During this Conference we will introduce the Health Care community to Quality, Professional Adaptive Clothing.

Another Conference will be a Design and Sewing Conference.  With presentations on fabrics, finishes, sewing techniques and Design, we will also provide these Designers with health and function issues embodied in Adaptive Clothing.

Ruth J Clark and other representatives of Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs will take part in Seminars and Conferences throughout the World, promoting this new niche of Adaptive Clothing.

Come on for the Ride, the fun is about to begin.

Ruth J Clark


Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs

250-372-7234   (Western Canada)


 Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs – working with the Garment Industry to create Quality clothing for People with disabilities


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How the Garment Industry will grow, once they start to respond to the needs and wishes of People with disabilities and create a vibrant Global, Adaptive Clothing niche


Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs – working within the Garment Industry to create quality clothing for People with disabilities

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