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Ruth J Clark, the Founder of Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs has been involved in Adaptive Clothing for 20 years or more and have watched many Adaptive Clothing companies struggle and eventually close.  This is not because there is no need.  Rather it is because the concept of quality adaptive clothing has been so misunderstood in the past.

In September 2011 I had the pleasure of being invited to travel to Brazil to be the International Judge for the 3rd Annual Moda Inclusiva Design Competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  This is not the only International Design Competition.  2011 also saw the inaugural International Design Competition hosted by Bezgraniz Couture in Moscow, Russia  (http://www.bezgraniz-couture.com/ ) The movement is starting and by everyone working together we can create a strong and healthy niche within the Fashion/Garment Industry, to finally serve the needs and wishes of Individuals with disabilities.

Good work is starting to be done to encourage young designers to see opportunities in this field and to take part in Design Competitions.  Yet how well prepared is the marketplace if they do decide to continue in this niche?   To assist with this, Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs will:

  • Promote quality adaptive clothing through our Website, a Global meeting place for everyone involved with adaptive clothing
  • Will support designers who take part in competitions like Moda Inclusiva and Bezgraniz Couture, by creating International opportunities for their garments to be showcased and sold
  • Will support medically based research to identify and quantify the medical impacts of clothing and the benefits of quality adaptive clothing
  • Will be an international repository for articles and academic/medical information regarding adaptive clothing
  • Will host regional and international meetings for all parties involved with adaptive clothing
  • Will create educational materials and programs for designers and local seamstresses and tailors
  • Will work collaboratively with members, and invite their participation in specific projects
  • Will publish articles and give presentations to raise awareness of the benefits of adaptive clothing
  • Will seek additional ways to support our members

These are just some of the activities Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs will engage in.  Join us and join the fun and excitement of pioneering a new movement and new Industry.

  1. If you would like to explore wearing adaptive clothing – you can help by letting us know what your problems are
  2. If you are a care-aide – you can help by letting us know how changes to clothing can help to make your work more successful
  3. If you are a designer – you can help by starting to design quality, professional, stylish AND functional clothing
  4. If you are an Educator – you can help by teaching tomorrow’s Designers
  5. If you are an Investor – you can help by assisting Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs to get a secure footing to accelerate this work and these activities and more.

By working together we CAN make a difference.

 Join Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs today!

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