Meet our Team


Meet our Team!



Ruth J Clark

Business Mgmt.  Event Coordination.  Adaptive Clothing Designer and seamstress














“I have been working in various positions, providing support for People with disabilities since 1991. Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs has grown out of these activities.  Through Fashion Magic Apparel & I had a line of 6 garments, each of which would be customized for each customer. In addition we did an initial International Garment Design Competition. We are working teach Fashion Designers to create Professional, quality, stylish and functional clothing for People with disabilities.

We all feel better when we look good.

This is a big world and a big project and we look forward to collaborating with individuals and groups in all parts of the World. We are currently pleased to be working with:

Models of Diversity. Their home office is in London England, with branch locations in Australia, Italy, The United States and Canada. This company celebrates all Models, especially Models of colour, plus size Models and Models with disabilities ( )

Sunshine Models. Sunshine had been dancing and modelling from a young age. As a result of domestic violence, she now lives with Spinal Cord Injury. Her Modelling company is dedicated to help others who use wheelchairs, to develop poise, self awareness and self confidence – through modelling.


Tiffanee J.A.Griffiths

Artist~in~Residence 2012 – 2013. 








Tiffanee J. A. Griffiths with Sweetie & Pod
Artist~in~Residence 2011-2014





“I never realized how much I took my hands for granted, or just how many
doorknobs are ROUND, or how inaccessible items such as pickles are when you
have little to no use of your hands. I give GREAT respect to those who were born disabled and have had to adapt to this world that is so obviously “Aesthetic” more than “Sensible”.

I love LOTS of color, movement and design. I have a strong technical background in my North American Indian 1st Nations Culture “Nlaka’pamux”,  and the Petroglyphs & Pictographs they left behind. Since both of my hands were broken, I work mainly with my graphics tablet now, exploring the world of Digital Design & Illustration.

I started out as a fashion model and my interest was sparked from the designs that were being portrayed on the clothing of Shannon Kilroy, a designer who I worked with often, and also my mom 🙂  From there I focused my main studies on Fine Arts and Psychology.  Call it “colour-therapy”, but when I’m not working on Logo Designs, and Web admin. duties, I’m trying to find the next best way to bring you the “Destruction of the Planet” in pretty colours.




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