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See Below for information on Membership types.  Send Ruth an e-mail today to indicate which membership type you will join as.

We all know, disability and ill health is not restricted to only one area of the World or only the poor.  Individuals with some level of disability or ill health can be found around the Globe.  By working together through Fashion Moves, we can make a major difference in the lives of Millions!

12 Month Membership

Here is just a small sample of some of the work that will be done through Fashion Moves

  • Provide a unified voice to approach groups like Fashinvest
  • Support Fashion Shows and events that showcase Models with disabilities
  • Bring Industry news about the latest Fabrics, zippers, snaps and sewing tools
  • Create a presence with Fashion Fabric groups and the Industrial Fabric Association International
  • Provide Educational opportunities, created for Designers
  • Will research and create presentations on the health care / economic benefits of wider use of adaptive clothing.  Some of the topics we will examine are:  increase self sufficiency by Individuals with disabilities ; increased employment and volunteer participation in Society by Individuals with disabilities (reduced dressing time, more functional, easier bathrooming through the day, etc.) reduction in health care funding ; improved health and more
  • Work with Occupational Health and Safety organizations to research Clothing design to retain dignity for the wearer while reducing care-giver strain and injury

 Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs will be the meeting place for everyone interested in Adaptive clothing




Fashion Moves, Assisting our members as they provide a full range of Quality, Professional, Stylish AND Functional Clothing for People with disabilities.


Outerwear, Athletic & Sport ; Office & Professional ; Casual ; Beach & Vacation ; Formal ; Children’s & Maternity ; Lingerie & Sleepwear ; Industrial & Specialized Workwear ; …

All types of clothing, purpose designed for Individuals with disabilities.

Ensure growth & success for your Company or Organization.

Become part of Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs.

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 Send Ruth an e-mail and indicate what level of Membership      you would like to join as.

Annual Membership Rates

Design Students : $10

Models (with or without disabilities) : $10

Personal Membership ; $10

Adaptive Clothing Companies

  • $50  (Up to $250,000 annual sales)
  • $75 (above $250,000 Annual sales)

Non profit organization partners : $10

Network Corporate Partners

  • Gold Partner and/or Marketing account – $5000
  • Silver Partner and/or Marketing account – $2500
  • Bronze Partner and/or Marketing account – $1000
  • Basic Corporate Membership – $500

Membership Benefits

  • Listing in our private Membership Directory
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Periodic discounts from Member Companies and Corporate Partners
  • Entry into Fashion Moves Contests
  • Discounts on Fashion Moves Educational Seminars and Conferences
  • Additional new benefits throughout the year

The fine print

The term Members will refer to all members, Corporate, Organizational or personal.

  • Memberships are valid for 12 months from joining.
  • All Members will respect the opinions and privacy of other Members.
  • Only Members in good standing will be eligible for Membership Benefits.
  • Memberships are not transferable
  • This group will grow best with input and assistance from all.  Members will be encouraged to assist with general administrative tasks or specific projects
  • This list of ‘Fine Print’ may be modified, updated or changed at any time, without notice

 Join. Become part of the Fashion Moves Movement!

To Join, please contact Ruth Clark at  Please provide me with your e-mail and phone number, and which Membership category you fit into.

Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs, working with the Fashion / Garment Industry to create quality clothing for People with disabilities

7 Responses to Membership

  1. Am ADA Compliance, Planning, Training Consultant working with hospitality/lodging industry in Myrtle Beach, SC, USA area. There are several Chamber of Commerce initiatives where promotion of PWD would further inclusion, please contact me. As an individual, Membership would be “Personal” at this point in time.
    (O) 888.564.8430; (H) 843.748.0613; (E)

  2. Bernette lowry says:

    I would like to join the business membership .

    Bernette Lowry

  3. I would like to join at the $50.00 amount

  4. Al Pfadt says:

    This sounds like a wonderful enterprise. My business partner[ Jackie Sencion] is an accomplished fashion designer who has operated a retail business[ La Lumia] in Tribeca, New York City for the past 25 years. I have over 35 years in the field of developmental disabilities and first encountered the need for adaptive clothing when I taught over 100 people how to use the bathroom independently at the infamous Willowbrook State School. The biggest obstacle to the maintenance of training that we were not able to solve was that our graduates wore ill fitting clothing when they returned to their wards that was fashioned tightly shut with shoe strings tied in knots so that they would not take off their clothes at inopportune times. I had to walk around with a pen knife so that I could help the person lower his clothes in the bathroom. Eventually, we purchased a supply of pants with elastic waistbands and our own washing machine so that we could have a ready supply of clothing that was suited to the person’s needs.
    Incidentally, my court testimony about the futility of this situation was sighted by the federal judge in his opinion that the institution needed to be closed.
    I will start out with individual membership but hope to graduate to the business category.

    • Ruth J Clark says:

      Hello Al, It has been a while. I will be re-launching Fashion Moves this year and have a few new directions that will be added. Some of these may be of interest to Jackie as well.
      It was discouraging this past year to see yet another established adaptive clothing company, Iz Apparel from Toronto, close their doors. I do not know if it was personal health or economic. The need continues to grow and we need to find the magic key to help a healthy adaptive clothing niche get established. Will chat again soon.

  5. Lynn Murray says:

    Hello Ruth –

    I help with a support group for persons with mobility impairment. About 50 persons – all sorts – post polio, stroke, sci/d, ms, cp, etc. – everything from canes to power chairs. A lot of guys – active – handcycling, rock climbing, quad rugby. I’m always on the lookout for clothes that work, are comfortable, easy on/off, and look sharp. I’m a w/c user, but have yet to buy a suit – everything bunches up in the belly – nothing but a bunch of wrinkles. Does your outfit have a catalog or facsimile? I’d like to present it to the group.


    • Ruth J Clark says:

      Hi Lynn,
      Thank you for visiting the website and contacting us. Your note confirms that we are on the right track, that there is so very much need for quality, professional, stylish AND functional clothing out there.
      Our mission at Fashion Moves is to support the few companies that are already working to provide these services. We aim to become a central listing, and as well to provide educational workshops and other events/activities to support these companies. We are also doing a significant amount of out-bound marketing and educating, to make the world as a whole become aware of the value and benefits of good adaptive clothing.
      It is early days yet but we are growing. Please join us in our Fashion Moves Groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn. Help us spread the word by letting your community know about us as well.

      I agree fully that a business suit is one of the key garments that needs to be provided. Even though these garments may need to be custom made, someone still needs to design a pattern! We are working on this. Stick with us and continue to send us your thoughts.

      Bye for now.
      Ruth J Clark
      President, Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs

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