Artist in Residence (AiR) 2011-2013

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On To Edmonton and Crip Tease at the University of Alberta.

Tiffanee had 2 pieces of her Art, chosen to be displayed at the Crip Tease : An Evening of Irreverent Art.  Tiffanee was one of only 10 Artists to have their work exhibited at this event.  Join me in congratulating her in this accomplishment.

Artist in Residence Program (AiR)

Fashion Moves is pleased to introduce our Artist in Residence (AiR) mentor-ship program.  Tiffanee Griffiths, from British Columbia was our Inaugural Artist in Residence (AiR) and she assisted us to create this position as well as continuing to work on her art.
Please join me as I thank Tiffanee for her assistance to the Fashion Moves, and wish her well in the future.
by Tiffanee Griffiths
Contemporary/Interior Salish 1st Nations Artist
Inaugural Fashion Moves Artist in Residence (AiR) 2011 – 2013
The dress of The DANCER is captured in a twirl of exuberance, yet her body is withdrawn, visible only by the ghosting of herself.  In a World that is all about visual impressions, she feels hesitant and insecure about her own existence, a result of the attack that left her hands permanently disabled.
Those of us that cannot fit in … go unseen.”

AiR – Showpiece 2011-2013

Raised in the beautiful Nicola Valley of British Columbia, Canada, Tiffanee grew up studying the Interior Salish Art and Culture of her Mother’s heritage.  Over a period of more than 15 years she developed her Art, which she expressed through her hands.  Through 2 dimensional painting and drawing she worked on many canvases, including the body art of Tattooing and piercing.  A number of commissioned works in acrylic and Pen&Ink hang in private homes throughout Western Canada.  Tiffanee’s Art has also been exhibited in Private showings.
In the Fall of 2009, while sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle and near her home Reserve, she was attacked by three women who pulled her out of the vehicle.  The key of this targeted attack was to badly break both of Tiffanee’s hands.  Early Spring 2010, after both casts were removed, Tiffanee was determined to hold the paintbrush again.  After more than 15 years of painting, she found that she needed to re-learn her Art.  Unable to control the brush with her fingers and wrist, she now has to paint using her shoulder, upper arm and wrist.  With great patience she has been able to advance and begin to paint again!
Tiffanee comments: “I still drop my tools constantly and my hands need more rest periods as a result of the limited healing from the breaks.  Even through these interruptions, I feel more connected to my Art than ever before.”
Despite the medical care and physical healing of her hands, Tiffanee has found that the emotional trauma has been the hardest to overcome.  Fashion Moves, through our Artist in Residence (AiR) mentorship programme, is honoured to be part of this met-amorphous, working with Tiffanee as she re-emerges through this period, stronger than ever.


Own your OWN copy of The DANCER
Enjoy your OWN official copy of THE DANCER (numbered and signed by the artist, Tiffanee Griffiths)
Fashion Moves Artist in Residence (AiR) programme is pleased to offer an opportunity for you to own this work of Art.  A limited number of prints will be made available for purchase this Fall.  Reproduced on archival paper, these ready-to-frame prints will each be signed and numbered by the Artist herself.  They will be shipped directly to you, from Fashion Moves and the Artist, Tiffanee Griffiths.
Priced at only $225 CDN (plus shipping and handling), this piece is more than a painting, it is a life affirming statement of triumph over adversity.  Purchase a copy for yourself or for a loved one who may be in need of encouragement.
To place your order, contact:
Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs

Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs, working with the Fashion / Garment Industry to create quality clothing for People with disabilities


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